Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Intro: I blog because I'm fly.

I am into class. It's my new thing. 
Many of my friends and colleagues have started blogs about their lives. I have thoroughly enjoyed reading their posts and following their journeys through this world.  Their experiences have helped me to see into their thoughts, fears, and joys.  It is wonderful to learn about their realities as parents, students, professionals, and most of all, PEOPLE. I am also someone who is finding their way through this world, albeit with little spatial awareness, anxiety issues, and an inappropriate sense of humor. I thought I would add my own voice to the plethora of voices out there, and share my own thoughts on life and transitioning into real, adult life....being 30 yrs old and all. Yikes, you say. Well...some of us take the scenic route.

Class. Case in point...
LIFE: As I have made a fairly challenging and wonderful journey through this world, the legal profession (almost) and now, two years into my first serious relationship ever, I have been on a fairly intensive path of self-discovery.  As such, I am learning about what makes me tick, and have learned that two things drive me: Love and Food.  I am learning that money, fear and obligation are things that no longer should be driving my every decision in life.  Although hard at times to get over this thinking of negative motivators, I am finding the simplest of things are what make MY life worth living. I have decided to leave the rest behind.

LOVE: I have a wonderful boyfriend, whom I love more than words can say .(Although, the word "boyfriend" at this juncture of my life sounds really silly, to be honest).  We have our ups and downs, and sometimes we probably want to set each other on fire....but we don't because well...that would be illegal. Kidding aside, regardless of how hard emotional intimacy has been for me, the reward has been repaid a thousand times over.  And regardless of bumps in the road we have a love that I never thought could ever exist, or that I thought I was worthy of.

FOOD: Both my boyfriend and I are currently students in a demanding program, but are fortunate to live in a city where good food is not out of reach,.  As budget conscious as we are, one thing is undeniable: WE LOVE FOOD.  While I am not much of a foodie, I love exploring new restaurants and trying new dishes.

So...in the past couple of years on Vancouver Island, traditional territory of the Coast Salish people, I have made it my business to dine.  I have been to some amazing places, and some seriously brutal eateries that could only be characterized as "war-crime bad". I have also visited places where it is clear that customer service attitude really means more attitude than customer service. From the epitome of "hole in the wall" establishments that blow my mind, to the well-lit, well-decorated and overly-priced, we tend to try what looks interesting to us. I fear very little fear in the world of food. Save for one thing: spice. I am a huge pansy when it comes to spice. I fully believe that full flavor does not need to mean "put hair on your chest" spicy - SUE ME.

So that is me in a nutshell. I decided I was just important enough to give my small account of life.  So stay tuned to my trials and tribulations of being a complete spazz and navigate my way through life, love, law and....... restaurants :) Enjoy!