Wednesday, April 6, 2011

The Best Part of Waking Up...Blue Fox In Muh Belly

I am fastly approaching the end of my program here in Vic...which means the bf and I will be leaving soon. In many ways I can't get the sam hell off this island fast enough, as there are many things about Vancouver Island that just don't seem to fit with my personality. I am a bull in a china shop, it feels sometimes.  And while I am super stoked about starting a new chapter of our life in a new city, I am going to miss some things about our life here. The one thing that definitely suits my fancy in this town is the restaurant selection. I am going to miss the MANY great restaurants  in this town. I have never before been to so many little independent places with such creative menus and good food.

napkin drawings adorn the tables at BF:
a true testament to the love
of the joint, methinks :)
So while I am struggling with stress of finals, the unknown of my career, money woes, being a hypochondriac and the myriad things that make me the spazz that I am, one thing always seems to boost my spirits: breakfast at Blue Fox with my Love :) He is such a morning person and I...well let's just say I am pretty sure I was a bear in my previous life. He is always making me laugh, and up for a good breakfast and morning chat. Even if I am a grump in the morning. How he loves me sometimes, I will never know.... Our mutual adoration of breakfast foods, have led us to the trying out of many of different places, but we keep coming back to Blue Fox because of the great service, the amazing food, and the fail-safe menu. I have yet to try something that sucks on this menu. And believe me, we've done the leg work on this one.

Location and such: Blue Fox is located on Fort and Vancouver St.(ish), and many more times than I care to say, I have waited in line for said restaurant. On the weekends you could find yourself waiting from anywhere from 10:00 minutes to an hour, depending on when you go. It is a small, hole the wall kind of place, with maybe 15 or so tables. I have gone numerous times on a variety of days, and it would seem that weekends before 9:00a.m. is the place to go without having to wait. We went this morning and the 8:00 rush had us waiting on our food longer than usual(at least there was no line). They close at 3:00 on the weekends, so the timing has to be just right. You would think I'm obsessive but I am pretty sure I am not the only one....And I take my breakfast very seriously.

Disgruntled without morning caffeine :)
But would I be telling you about this place if it wasn't worth the wait??? I think not. A lot of times if we're in line, I will go and look in the windows and totally creep on people....I tend to think of the "Blue Fox experience" as one that you enjoy while eating, but then leave so that others can get a chance. I tend to give dirty looks sometimes if they doddle. Yep, I'm THAT person.

Many people ask, "Why there? I wouldn't even think about waiting in line or get up early on my weekends just to have breakfast, what's so great about it?"  For those people, you are jerks. Jerks who have not had the true experience...or have really bad taste in food. (Not funny?) And... I will not name names, but others have said that places like John's Place, Floyd's Diner, or Avalon are at least equal to, if not better than Blue Fox. Like Mr. T says, "I pity the fools".

So to those sayers of nay, here is what makes Blue Fox rock my socks off....and should rock yours off too.

The service: the service has always been amazing. Every now and again they've forgotten a water or something, but the people there are attentive and super friendly.  The servers are totally team-oriented, which makes a huge difference on the efficiency of the joint, especially in a place that busy. And also...they are just super down to earth people. They talk to you like you're friends, and get this...they actually care about good customer service. You'd think this would standard in restaurants, but more than anything, service in Victoria is really weird out here: like some odd entitlement to gratuity just for showing up to work. (I will post an entry about how I almost got shooed out of restaurant for not tipping - the service was brutal, but she seemed to think she was entitled to auto-grat by charging twice on certain items.)

The Menu: (I may have to post a two-parter on this one, because they serve LUNCH too!!) They serve everything from fruit plates to Huevos Rancheros; from chorizo and eggs to cinamon buns. <-- which are pretty amazing, and probably smart to share...because eating the rest of your meal is impossible if you have one by yourself. There are 2...or one massive one cut in half. It's pretty heavenly.

Benny served on bagel :) 
I have tried MANY things on the list, and tend to have phases of favorites. The omelettes are wicked. They have a few different variations, plus you have the option of making your own. I am pretty partial to the herb cream cheese, ham and spinach. They serve their savoury breakfasts with homefried potato hash brown things, and toast. PLUS you get one of their jams that is made in-house. How is THAT for awesome. I am a huge fan of the raspberry lemon. They have others like rosemary and orange, or strawberry vanilla...there's a different one everyday.

The fix'ens. Steamed soy...drool.
 My earlier phase, for which I will always have a special place in my heart for, is their french toast. It comes in a few different concoctions: The Peasant Toast is pretty phenomenal, as it is served with sour velvet sauce, almonds and honey. It's tastiness personified. The Apples Charlotte kicks some serious ass too, as it's served with a make-shift apple pie filling.  However, I recently developed a penchant  for porridge. YES, porridge. If you are a part of my family and reading this you will most likely laugh. When I was a child I considered serving porridge to kids child abuse. I am not even kidding. I would spoon mine into my cousin Andrea's bowl when she wasn't looking. I hated it THAT much. We were kind of poor growing up, which didn't leave great I forced wall paper past consistency grewl down day after day.

The piece de resistance. BOOM!
 But oh how the times have changed!! Perhaps my palette is becoming more refined....or I'm just getting old and beginning to understand the benefit of soft foods.  In any event, there are two variations on this little plate of heaven. First is the hot-buttered banana porridge: served with sour cream, maple syrup and pecans. Dessert? Possibly. Tasty as hell? Definitely. The second, and rapidly becoming my fave is the cranberry and ambrosia apple porridge: served with steamed milk, almonds and brown sugar. How could that NOT taste good? There is no losing here, people.

Price Point and Serving Size: the average breakfast comes for a price of around $11.00. Their servings sizes are manageable, but not too much. I think they may have cut their portions a touch, or I just can pack it away more. For the sake of my fragile self-worth (due to final exams) I will say serving size is a little less. But the worth is definitely there. The food is quality, presentation is awesome, and the consistency is well worth it.

So that is my rant about Blue Fox, or one of. I love it, it loves me.

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