Friday, April 15, 2011

Mo:le smokes! The end is nigh! Not quite....

In a furthering my attempt at tempting the academic gods by not studying a course I have done ZERO on to date, and possibly compromising a career that has yet to begin, I thought this couldn't be a better time to pound out a few blog entries. I mean, I really have nothing better to do at the moment....I don't call studying Admin Law "the better" thing to do. C'mon now..... I mean you would think that being THREE DAYS away from completing a J.D degree would be motivation enough to just keep going and finish strong, right? RIGHT? Alas no.

I have pretty much reduced the experience of this last month of law school as being akin to ending a long bit in prison. You just need to get by, survive the rest of the experience without getting into a brawl or recruited into a gang - ok, so not that bad, but close. Constant stress at every turn tends to get old after a while. At this point, I am just hoping that good behaviour will get me through. Probably the toughest thing is knowing that life is on the "other side"; real life isn't meant for this particular place or time - it's not permanent. So you drag yourself through what needs to be done - and not one aota more. Yeah...that pretty much covers it. Oh yeah...and we're on an island so it's pretty much like Alcatraz...but with restaurants!

And for some reason during exam period all I want to do is scarf down everything in sight. Although this year is better than most, because I have given up the idea of the portable pantry. (Basically a big brown paper bag full of craptacular food - cookies...drool). And for some reason, unbeknownst to me, I have taken to Tim Horton's donuts all of a sudden. They're like biting into little pillows of sweet magic. The copious amounts of sitting and the endless rain on the island have led me down this path of less is more. Meaning the less exercise I get, the more I want to eat my weight in gummy bears....and donuts....and rootbeer floats. So with less than a week left of finals, I just might. Perhaps a challenge is in order: see how much weight I can possibly gain in the next 3.5 days.

We've also been doing massive breakfasts at this juncture of the semester, which probably is directly proportinal to the amount of blogging I've been wanting to bust out as of late. We normally set aside a "date-night(s)" most weeks throughout the year, but the end of the semester leaves us too bagged for a night out. Mornings seem to be the best bonding time at present. At least it's SOME time. Am I right? Finals is such crap, you guys. Partners of law students, who aren't in law as well, I don't know how you do it. At least I can totally commiserate with what is happening to my partner. The stress and the constant anxiety/guilt around taking a couple of hours off is almost rage-inducing, and leaves us scowling at each other; like trying to make each other dead with our minds or something....and for no good reason at all! Other than misery of finals in law school. My hat goes off to your partners, law people. They are champions for putting up with you.

So, yeah...since mornings are reasonably a decent time to hang out without the pangs of 100% exams and unreasonable test questions (thank you for breaking my bf's will to live, Prof. Gillen), we've been breakfasting, and hanging out before the library opens on the weekends....which is sometimes too early for this little brown girl. However, breakfast is the most important meal of the I've made it doubly so by spending time with my dude. However, as much as it's great for the relationship, the blog and all, such feasting has done nothing for my 12yr old boyish figure. HA! I slay me. No? Not funny anymore? Ugh....Alright, so moving right along....

On our jaunts out and about looking for all things egg and bacon, a couple of weekends ago the bf and I decided to break out of our comfort zone and try something new...Okay, not really new, but decided to change things up a bit. We thought we'd give our precious Blue Fox a rest and venture over to another local brunch hot-spot called Mo:le (prounounced Mo'lay). (And just quick as a btw...I call him the bf, b/c I want to respect his privacy. While I totally get that most of my readers are people that we know, I want to try to maintain his anonymity. I mean, I am the one that signed up to splay my life on the interwebs; he didn't. ) ..................So back to my Mo:le moment.............Ahem.

Location and things: Mo:le is on lower Pandora and Government in Victoria proper. It is next to a coffee shop owned/managed by the same people. It's called Habit, and apparently has great coffee, from what I hear. I don't drink coffee b/c I literally freak out from the caffeine-induced panic attacks that accompany consumption. Yes, I am a spazz. The great thing I know about Habit is the fact that you can wait for your table there if the restaurant is full. Mo:le is not super fancy or anything; your typical run of the mill restaurant. Which doesn't explain the following:
HOLY YUPPIES, Batman! There were so many little yuppy families, it was ridiculous. The whole 2.2 children, the dog outside, the fancy poofy vests and Puma shoes for the kids. It was insanity..... times 2.2. And while, those of you who know us you might think, "Um..kettle, this is the pot. You're black"......I'd like to invite you to bite me. We're not yuppies, and I hope never to be a power-jerkface, pretentious couple....despite my new love for micro-breweries and fancy cheese...and the fact we're both going to be lawyers. Notwithstanding the aforementioned, we were both raised humble peeps, and taught that very little is beneath us....aside from maybe Floyd's Diner. (Husky truckstops are better than Floyd's - and that is the only mention it will get from me in this blog). Grin!

Service: Hipsters, this is where you work...if you are mainstream enough to work, aside from the record store. I am unsure of why this is fact, but it seems to be true. I pretty much wanted to put our server through the window or trip him. For some reason this guy makes it a higher priority to look cool than to actually do his job. We've been here on more than one occasion and couldn't help ourselves but chuckle and shake our heads at the skinny jeans with crack sticking out, and the kids t-shirt he obviously bought at BabyGap ...and of course, the hipster moustache. Thank goodness he shaved it, b/c he looked like a complete tool. Anywho... this time around he was like "Hey dudes, what can I getcha getcha". And I'm pretty sure he gave the wink and double guns to people, all the while lip-psynching to Pink Floyd and bellowing at the kitchen staff - which was completely unnecessary. Perhaps I was just sleepy as it was 8:30 on a Sunday, and was hungry like a wolf (I smell like I sound - Any Duran Duran fans out there??), and the restaurant was two tables away from empty. I mean, I'm all for having fun on the job, but when you're forgetting orders while working double-time on looking cool....this does not bode well for the dining experience of customers. Just saying... However, I have to say that when the food did make its way to our table, I was happy to see they haven't lost their touch.

The Menu: The price-point is about $9- 13/plate(ish). The menu is, for the most part....Meh. There are some really interesting looking dishes, but not so much that I would actually try most of them. I can't say that dishes like the yam-omelette or the dragon bun (including sweet chinese sausage, julienne onions and peppers, avocado, spicy chili bean sauce with cream cheese scrambled eggs on a whole wheat bun) would blow my hair back.

However, they do have huevos rancheros, which the bf has a massive love-on for, as do most dudes. He tells me it is dece. Nothing massive to write home about; apparently somewhat bland. He enjoys the homemade hot sauce, though. (For you spice nuts).

Mo's Biscuit.
Every time I have been there I have had the Mo's biscuit. Egg, bacon, havarti cheese, aioli on a homemade biscuit. The savoury dishes are served with pesto hashbrowns which are fantastic. The coleslaw thing you get on the side might as well not be there as it does nothing for the dish. I'd rather fill that part up with more pesto potato love. The dish is pretty dense, but that doesn't stop me from ordering my other fave: banana bread on the fly. It's probably horrendous for you, but they serve it with a "generous" dolop of butter. Drool. By the time the meal is over, you will need a sleepy...the portion size is manageable, but the starter will put you ove the edge.

All in all , an enjoyable place to pull up a stool and get your feed-on. I am always biased about breakfast places, to be honest. This place is probably number 2 on my list. Give it a rip, but prepared for long wait-times on food!

Oh and wish me luck on my next final. It's the last one. WOOT! For celebration, we're going for....get this...BREAKFAST!! Drool.

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