Monday, May 23, 2011

The Ends

Well....It is has been a whirlwind three years in many ways, BUT the end is no longer nigh...the end is NOW. Law is school is over. I now have the passing grades to prove it. I am already driving my self nuts with all of the free time on my hands. And to be honest, I am still pretty busy...but there is a void where study stress and self-loathing used to be. At least I get to sleep in.

The one great thing about all of this end of the line business, is that our social calendars have been busier in the last 3 weeks than the whole year, it seems. We have been busy saying goodbyes to fellow colleagues and friends as we all make the mass exodus from law school into the next chapter of our lives.  What better way than to do so with drinks in hand and possibly a meal here and there? I may not be able to button my pants presently because of all this celebratory/good-bye nonsense, but that is the hit I will take for the cause. Because a giver. It's true.

We've been out and about quite a few times since we got out of school and bidding adieu to our friends and colleagues.  One such happening we were invited took place the day before exams finished,  where we had a gathering of people at the Bard & Banker, which is located in downtown Victoria on Government Street. A friend of ours is headed back to Alberta so many of our colleagues and their partners came out to bid her adieu, and we all wore cowboy hats in honor of the wild west that is Alberta.  Because that is what people in Alberta do...wear cowboy hats. I mean I do, even when I go to bed at night. FER SURE....

The Bard & Banker is sort of an upscale type place to be seen in Victoria, for the 20-30 year old types.  Let me be the first to tell is the BEST place in town to buy over-priced alcohol and sub-par food at insane prices.  Honestly, the last place such a party should be held, but I can't take control of everything around me. Regardless how much I think I should be able to.  If you enjoy cider, like me, Strongbow runs for over $9.00 a pint. Yep, you heard that right. 

I ordered a blue cheese salad with chicken, which sounded awesome. I expected a dinner sized portion, but was disappointed to see the 1/10 of an avocado, butter lettuce-a-plenty, and not even a full chicken breast for $11.00. I was less than impressed, to say the least. The bf ordered Ale Pie with a dumpling. For the two of us, with the food, and a  beer each gave us a bill of just over $60.00. I honestly don't mind paying for good food, but this was disappointing. Which is weird because we both really like Irish Times, which is owned by the same people...or so I've been told. Irish Times has a stellar menu and even better beer selection. (I'll save my endorsement of that place for another time.)

Although they did have some tasty looking dishes. Our friend Paul had some sort of delightful looking dish. He mentioned it was good times. So there is some positive feedback for the pub fare offered here. My only advice: if you're stretched for cash, this is totally not the place for you. Just saying.... The cynicism of the poor starving student strikes again!! One day I will pull a paycheque.... One day....

It was great that our friend got the send-off that she deserved. The theme was fun. But the night in and of itself, was wickedly awkward. I don't want this post to sound all Negative-Nancy, but it was just a bit weird how the energy and dynamic our group was lacking. Perhaps we were all a little weathered from the beat-down that is finals, but I think it was more than that. Here was a group of people, who are sort of friends, for the most part. We have spent many hours together in various settings, and by all accounts could have given each other a hip-hip-hooray, a high-five or something. The end of the night was met with awkward hand-shakes, and "yeah.... good look with everything and stuff" type send-off.

The bf and I talked about it, and how perhaps it was us who were perceiving the night's events a certain way, but I don't think it was. Maybe everyone was just all done with law everything, including law friends. I know that facets of the law school experience have involved a series of forced social interactions with people; to the point of surfeit. Perhaps the analogy of war-time bonds is a bit short of what happened to ties forged in law school; we are working toward independent goals not toward a common goal. We came here to achieve our own ends, so there is that innate sense of competition and envy of others' who have better opportunities available to them. Or perhaps there is a sense of the fact that we all know that our lives will no longer be as intertwined and unsure as to how those ties will survive over time. The future will only tell how this experience will shape our relationships past this time and place.

These people that I have come to know and to spend time with, have shaped me to an extent. I am fortunate having met them and am anxious to see how we all fare out there in the real world. 

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