Saturday, November 26, 2011

Vegetarian...with a side of gratitude.

The bf and I are quite busy these days, and much like the most hectic times in law school, our "date nights" have recently seemed to take place during the morning hours on the weekends when we don't have bar admissions course readings and assignments that we are frantically trying to complete (read: not fail) and/or work assignments otherwise monopolizing brain space and more  importantly, our down time. Somehow, amongst the demands of life at present and all of the change as of late, we have managaed to resume our hunt for the "perfect breakfast." Some things haven't changed....thank goodness.

Today we visited a place called "The Coup" on 17th Ave.  For those of you who happen to be of the non-meat eating variety, it is a vegetarian/vegan establishment.  I must admit I will never understand vegetarianism or veganism, and make no apologies for that. I am Cree, afterall....The men in my family are hunters....We eat beast (cooked, of course)....It is encoded in my DNA.  Come to think of it...I am pretty sure that would be the one thing that my Dad would disown me over...being vegetarian.....or a Conservative.  Political affiliation aside...I am not one to shy away from good food regardless if some of it didn't moo, oink, cluck, or .....whatever sounds moose, deer and bison make, prior to being slashed up, cooked and chucked barbarically yet beautifully on my plate. Anyhoo.... Where was I? Oh right....vegetarian breakfast fare. Awesome.....

This joint offers a decent variety in their menu,  offering some tasty vegetarian options that will even satisfy the devout carnivore: ricotta stuffed crepes, medeterranean scrambles, huevos, and everything in between....minus meat.  What they lack in bacon or sausage they very much make up for in flavour.  The bf still, even after an otherwise positive review of our dining experience, feels that "meat makes a breakfast. It's the star of the show." And that it "disrupts the integrity of the breakfast."  Typical guy.  As for me, while I did miss a few strategically-placed bacon stips on my plate, this place may be worth a repeat visit. I say "may" because it seems that vegetarian meals at The Coup were about the same price or a little more than the same dish at another restaurant but with meat protein. ($10-$12).

Over breakfast we chatted about work and not work stuff...Just being us.  Sometimes I get so bummed and annoyed about talking about work and the monumental stresses that it brings, for which that type of dialogue seems to monopolize our dialogue at times.  Some days I wish one of us was in a different profession so at least we could talk about something other than law. Oh woe is me, right?  Well you would want to gouge your eyes too.  Why? Because lawyers are boring.  You heard it hear first.

Well friends...I am here to say that today wasn't one of those days.  For once it was some time to just enjoy the other's company without anger/fear/resentment/ feeling overwhelmed with whatever work was invoking in us at that particular moment in time.  I got to enjoy breakfast with my best friend today....Not breakfast with "that ridiculously complex memo that's due on Monday", or breakfast with "that partner I'm pretty sure thinks I'm a tool"....or breakfast with the "bar admission course is taking away my will to live"..... or breakfast with "I am pretty sure I'll get turfed this week." (My inner monologue, not his). Nope none of that today.  Today I listened and was present.  Shutting off the stories and worries in my brain are difficult, and take a lot of energy. Some days I am able to silence those  stories, which leaves time for days like today....which allow me to realize the good life that we are building together..... I often fail to realize the simple things that make this life worth living, especially as grown-up life continues to become more complicated.


  1. Ugh, that's such a perfect way of putting it, having breakfast, or lunch, or life with "insert worry here". That's it exactly! And congrats on not doing it. Maybe it's contagious?

  2. Haaaaaaaahahaa, just here to comment on your use of "spazz-tastic" and how I will be incorporating that into my vocab ASAP.